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Broken Wings Will Fly
Written by Mick Blackistone, Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton. Sally and her dog Tucker often sat overlooking the water and watched her friends sailing their boats. The sight filled her with pain and anger, because Sally was sitting in a wheelchair. She would never be able to walk again, or ride a bike, or race her sailboat. Sally had been sad and unhappy ever since the car accident that left her with a disability. She might have stayed that way, except for two things. At the doctor's office she met a man whose wheelchair was not a prison. And then Tucker found a little duck with a broken wing. This unlikely pair taught Sally that with help from other, a determination to succeed, and lots of hard work, miracles can happen. Tidewater Publishers, Centreville, Maryland


Chesapeake Bay Walk
Written by David Owen Bell, Illustrated by Jennifery Heyd Wharton. Chesapeake Bay Walk takes young children and their parents or teachers on an unforgettable shoreline journey. On a stroll through its pages, they can find soft-bellied bullies, birds once hunted for their feathers, crabs older than dinosaurs, "bald" five-year-olds, and living prehistoric creatures made of water. Tidewater Publishers, Centreville, MD


First Sail
Written by Richard Henderson, Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton First Sail, An adventure story designed to help new sailors learn the ropes, is an entertaining and beautifully illustrated book that introduces children to the basics of sailing. Adam, a young boy from the city, yearns to learn how to sail. When his aunt and uncle invite him to visit one summer, his cousin Beth takes him out in her sailboat. As they head for Dutch Ship Island, Beth shows Adam many of the thigs he will need to know to become a sailor - skills he must put into action when a thunderstorm arises. Tidewater Publishers, Centreville, Maryland


Suzette and the Puppy
Written by Joan Sweeny, Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton. When a delightful little girl named Suzette and her nursemaid take their daily walk in a Paris park, Suzette befriends a cute little puppy that belongs to an elegant American lady. So begins the warm-hearted story of a new friendship. It also turns out to be the story of how a fine and now famous painting came into existence. Barron's Educational Series, Inc.


The Buffalo and the River
Writen by Mick Blackistone, Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton. Receiving a small boat for his birthday was exciting for eleven year old Peter. It also led him on an adventure learning that the rivers and bay were unhealthy and that many creatures were dying from pollution. Through an old Indian and a mystical buffalo, the boy and others learned what was wrong and how to make their rivers healthy again. The Buffalo and the River is an exciting and enlightening story for children, their parents and teachers, telling how important our natural heritage is and that all people must work together to preserve it for the future. Blue Crab Press, Annapolis, Maryland


Things Little Kids Need to Know
Written by Susan Uhlig, Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton. Many children fear being replaced by a new brother or sister. Things Little Kids Need to Know helps children look forward to a new family member. Our Child Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania